Sixth Generation

418. Anna Rose Whitlow32 was born on 20 February 1896 in New Jersey.28 She died on 22 July 1975 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL.28

John Matthew Geene32 was born on 4 May 1891 in New Jersey.28 John was a mechanical engineer. He died on 31 July 1991 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL.28

Anna Rose Whitlow and John Matthew Geene had the following children:



Rev. John Michael Geene was born on 24 February 1920 was born in Passaic, Passaic Co., NJ.28 He was an Episcopal Minister and was diagnosed with M.S. in Seminary. He died on 4 November 1993 in Vallejo, Sonoma Co., CA.



Dorothy Louise Geene was born on 19 June 1925 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.32

She married Richard Robert Ramler32 was born on 26 November 1925.32 He died on 15 March 1971 in Lake Park, Palm Beach Co., FL.32

Dorothy and Richard had three children.