My Buell Family line

These are my Buell ancestors. I had been searching for this line for 20 years without much success. In the early part of 1998, I received an e-mail from Darlene Buell, who gave me the research break that I have been looking for. She used to have a Buell web page but it has disappeared.

This family line may look a bit confusing as there is a Jonathan and Richard Edgerton in the middle. That is because Richard Edgerton left his first wife and then started using the name Richard Buell (his mother's maiden name. This story is supported by both Edgerton and Buell descendants which had knowledge of the fact.

First Generation

William Buell. Born 17 Feb. 1605 in England. Died 23 Nov. 1681 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. His occupation was as a joiner. There is a record of a "Goode" Buell that died in Windsor, CT on 3 Dec. 1639. This is possibly a first wife or William's mother.

He married Mary -----, 18 Nov. 1640 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Born about 1619 in England. Died 2 Sept. 1684 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.

They had the following children:

  1. Samuel Buell; Born 2 Sept. 1641 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  2. Mary Buell; Born 3 Sept. 1642 in Windsor, CT. She married Simon Mills or Miller, 20 Feb. 1659/1660. Mary died 24 June 1718 in E. Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
  3. Sgt. Peter Buell; Born 19 August 1644 in Windsor, CT. He married Martha Cozzens or Coggins, 31 March 1670. He died 8 Jan. 1728/1729 in Simsbury, CT.
  4. Hannah Buell; Born 8 Jan. 1646 in Windsor, CT. She married Timothy Palmer, 17 Sept. 1663. She died 24 Sept. 1704 in Windsor, CT.
  5. Hepzibah Buell; Born 11 Dec. 1649 in Windsor, CT. She married Timothy Wells, 12 Jan. 1672. Hepzibah died 1704 at aged 54y in Deerfield, Franklin Co., MA.
  6. Sarah Buell; Born 21 March 1653 in Windsor, CT. Died unmarried in 1734 in Windsor, CT.
  7. Abigail Buell; Born 12 Feb. 1655 in Windsor, CT. Died before 1684 in Windsor, CT.
The Will of William Buell dated 26 July 1681
I give to my sone samul ye house and halfe ye home lote with all ye land I purchased of Wiliam Thrall and to my sone peter halfe ye home lot on ye north side and all ye medo and ye wat land yat was my on by gift of ye towne. my tols to be equaly divided betwexe samul and peter. my sone samul is to pay out eleven pounds and peter sixe pounds and this ith ye reste of my goods to be equaly dived betwene my datters. only my datter mary to have five pounds more than either of ye others these to prcels of land one by ye gravel hill ye other by ye mill brok which I leve to my wife disposing if she out lives mee and she is to in joy all this as long as she lives I doe with ye best of my understanding in witness whereof I set to my hand.

Witnesses: Nathan Gyllet, Timothy Phellps, Job Drake son of John, James Hillyer

Inventory of the estate of William Buell: taken Nov. 30 1681
2 cowes and a calfe and 5 swine & haye - 14£ 5s
house and home stead - 40£
3 acres in the great meadow at 6L ye acre - 18£
40 acres woodland that was William Thralls - 15£
30 acres woodland adjoininge given by ye Towne - 12£
10 acres in ye woods at gravill hill - 6£
5 acres at mill brooke - 2£ 10s
in beddinge and bedstead - 6£ 7s
in more beddinge and linine - 10£ 4s
in wareing clothese - 2£ 15s
in brass Iron and pewter - 2£ 18s
Tramells tonges glue with wooden ware - 1£ 8s
a gun sword table chest and other thinges - 4£ 2s
a syder board ould tubs and other thinges - 4£ 16s
Joyners tooles bench & wedges - 5£ 7s 6p
grindstone timber and other thinges - 1£ 19s 10p
debt due from the estate - 9£ 13s 11p
credit oweinge to the estate - 5£ 3s 8p

The Will of Mary Buell dated 29 Aug, 1684
I mary Buell being very weeck and ny to death and commiting my Soull to god and my bodey to Cristin byring but having my naterall understanding having som small things to despose of. my will is that my eldest datter Mary Milles shall have my red wascott and that hat which was Sarah's and one whit lininh appron and one blue appron when it is wove and the rest of my wooling and lining clothese. I give to my datter hannah pallmer and a larg hat and one puter plater and one tin pan. I give to my datter Hephzibah Welles 6 yards of linen Cloth, & I give to my gran child marey pallmer wooll cloth to make hir a cot and my gran child sarah pallmer wooll cloth for a wascottt and the rest of my wooll cloth is to be devided betwene my datters mary and hannah and rest of lining cloth is to be divided betwene my to datters Mary and hannah and I give to my datter hannah on blue appron and that is all that I give to my datters.

Witnesses: James Hillr, mary hillyer

The inventory of the estate of Mary Buell
on hatt - 10s
on hat - 6s
3 Linsy wolsy cottes & ould waskets - 1£
on carsy waskits - 14s
on sarg waskots - 12s
peniken wasket - 8s
carsy peticote - 1£
3 peticotes - 12s
Bodys - 2s 6p
Sarg houd - 6s
cloth cloke - 10s
peniston 2s 6p
stockings 2 pr - 2s
shous - 4s
greate say - 5s
flaxen aparons - 3s
4 callico aparons - 4s
cotton aparons - 4s
hollan aparon - 12s
lining aparon - 3s
Blak neckecloth an [illegible] - 2s
4 neck handkerchee - 10s 6p
other head Linnings - 14s
4 pair of gloves - 10s
lining yar 14 pound - 6s
wollings yarn 6 pound - 1£ 8s
fustinge - 2s 6p
Blak stake - 1s 2p
9 barrels - 1£ 2s 6p
hay - 1£
meate and mealle - 5s
spice - 2s
pepar - 1s
4 plate platters - 10s
half lint glas - 6p
large glas - 2s
on swine - 15s
butter - 3s

Second Generation

Samuel Buell, son of William Buell & Mary -----. Born 2 Sept. 1641 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Moved to Killingworth, CT in 1667. Died 11 July 1720, aged 78y, in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.

He married Deborah Griswold, daughter of Edward Griswold & Margaret -----, 13 Nov. 1662 in Windsor, CT. Born 18 June 1646 in Windsor, CT. baptized 28 June 1646 in Windsor, CT. Died 7 Feb. 1717/1718 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.

They had the following children:

  1. Captain Samuel Buell; Born 20 July 1663 in Windsor, CT. He married Judith Stevens, 16 Aug. 1686. He died 2 Nov. 1732 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.
  2. Deborah Buell; Born 18 Oct. 1665 in Windsor, CT. She married Nathaniel Porter.
  3. Hannah Buell; Born 6 Sept. 1667 in Windsor, CT. Died young.
  4. Mary Buell; Born 28 Nov. 1669 in Killingworth, CT. She married Samuel Bissell. Mary died 27 July 1699.
  5. Deacon John Buell; Born 17 Feb. 1671 in Killingworth, CT.
  6. Hannah Buell; Born 4 May 1674 in Killingworth, CT. She married Joseph Porter, 5 Dec. 1699. She died 29 Sept. 1741 in Windsor, CT.
  7. William Buell; Born 18 Oct. 1676 in Windsor, CT. He was married three times. Wiliam died 7 April 1763, aged 86y, in Lebanon, New London Co., CT.
  8. Major David Buell; Born 15 Feb. 1678 in Killingworth, CT. He married Phebe Fenner, 11 May 1701. He died 25 Feb. 1749 in Killingworth, CT.
  9. Ensign Josiah Buell; Born 17 March 1680 in Killingworth, CT. Married Martha Sessen, 20 June 1716. He died 11 Nov. 1732 in Killingworth, CT.
  10. Mehitable Buell; Born 22 August 1682 in Killingworth, CT. She married Nathaniel Porter, 18 Nov. 1701. Mehitable died 8 May 1705 in Killingworth, CT.
  11. Peter Buell; Born 3 Dec. 1684 in Killingworth, CT. He first married Hannah Wells, 8 Oct. 1713. Peter died March 1769 in Coventry, Tolland Co., CT.
  12. Benjamin Buell; Born 1686 in Killingworth, CT. He was married to Hannah Hutchinson on 28 June 1710. Benjamin died 18 Feb. 1722/1724 in Killingworth, CT.
The Will of Samuel Buell
In the name of God, Amen, the 8th day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hindred and twenty, I Samuel Buell of Killingworth, Imprimis, in the county of New London, in New England, being weak in body but perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God therefor, calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say, principally and first of all: I give and reccomend my soul into the hands of God that gave it, hoping through the merrits death and passion of my savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the descretion of my executors hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the Resurrection I shal receive the Lamb again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bestow in this life I give and dispose of the same in the following manner.

First, I will that all those debts & duties as I do owe in Right or Conscience to any person or persons whatever shall be well & truly * * * & paid or ordained to be paid in Convienient time after my decease by my Executors hereafter named.

Item. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Samuel Buell sixteen acres of my Roatmeat Hill Land. Further my will is that the rest of my estate at my deceas shall be divided as followeth, that is to say: my son Samuel, John, William, David, Peter and Benjamin shall have an equal part of my estate and my daughters Mary & Hannah shall have two thirds So much as one so; and further my will is that my grandson Nathaniel Porter shall have an equal part with my daughters upon condition my sd. grandson gives to my executors a general acquitance and discharge upon all amounts between him and my sd Grandson or his administration and myself relating to my debts or demands whatsoever. Further my will is that each child's part as aforesd shal be computd with what they have already had and further my desire is that in dividing as aforesd my son Samuel shall have the Remaindeer of my Roastmeat Hill Land as it shall be apprized; and further my desire is that the dividing as aforesd my son David shal have my house & lot with the buildings and orechargd upon it as it shall be apprized; and further my desire is that in Dividing as aforesd my son Benjamin shall have all my meadow that is in the further quarter as it shall be apprized.

Item. I do hereby ordain constitute and appoint my Sons Samuel Buell and John Buell and David Buell to be executors of this my last will and testament; and do hereby revoak any other former Will or Wills.

In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this eighth day of June, in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and Twenty as above written.

Signed Sealed and Published and Declared by the sd Samuel Buell as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us
Gideon Allen, David Willcoks, Jonah Rossettor.

Third Generation

Deacon John Buell, son of Samuel Buell & Deborah Griswold. Born 17 Feb. 1671 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT. John was a selectman in 1717 and 1718. With many others, he petitioned the General Assembly at Hartford in 1719 for the right to establish the new town of Litchfield. Purchased two lots in Litchfield, CT in 1721 and soon after settled there. In Sept. 1738, the proprietors of the new town of Goshen met in the home of John Buell to organize the town. John died 22 April 1746, aged 76y, in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT. Buried in West Burying Ground, Litchfield, CT.

He married Mary Loomis, daughter of Deacon John Loomis, 20 Nov. 1695 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Born 20 March 1672. Died 4 Nov. 1769, aged 90y, in Litchfield, CT. Buried in West Burying Ground, Litchfield, CT. Her tombstone is pictured at the right

They had the following children:

  1. Mary Buell; Born 11 Dec. 1696 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. She was married. Mary died 22 Feb. 1774 in Lebanon, CT.
  2. John Buell; Born 1 Feb. 1698/1699 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT.
  3. Isaac Buell; Born 27 March 1701 in Lebanon, CT. Died 3 May 1701 in Lebanon, CT.
  4. Abigail Buell; Born 26 March 1702 in Lebanon, CT. She married Stephen Strong, son of Jedediah Strong & Abiah Ingersoll, 16 Jan. 1718 in Lebanon, CT. Born 24 Nov. 1690 in Lebanon, CT. Died 2 Feb. 1785 in Lebanon, CT. Abigail died 24 Oct. 1788 in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT.
  5. Hannah Buell; Born 7 Dec. 1703 in Lebanon, CT. She married John Waller. Hannah died before 1758.
  6. Lois Buell; Born 12 March 1706 in Lebanon, CT. She married Supply Strong, son of Jedediah Strong & Abiah Ingersoll, 16 Jan. 1722/1723 in Litchfield, CT. Born 10 Oct. 1697 in Lebanon, CT. Died 26 Nov. 1786 in Litchfield, CT. Lois died 26 April 1730, aged 24y, in Litchfield, CT.
  7. Deborah Buell; Born 24 Jan. 1708 in Lebanon, CT. She married Ebenezer Marsh in Nov. 1722. Deborah died 30 July 1784 in Litchfield, CT.
  8. Peter Buell; Born 22 May 1710 in Lebanon, CT. He married (1st) Avis collins, (2nd) Hannah Steele and (3rd) Abigail Catlin. Peter died 10 May 1784 in Litchfield, CT.
  9. Ebenezer Buell; Born 16 March 1713 in Lebanon, CT. He married Dorothy Gillett and later Ruth Lewis. He died 25 Feb. 1801 in Litchfield, CT.
  10. Solomon Buell; Born 3 August 1715 in Lebanon, CT. He married Eunice Griswold, 19 Jan. 1738. Solomon died 22 March 1795 in Litchfield, CT.
  11. Jonathan Buell; Born 13 Dec. 1717 in Lebanon, CT. Jonathan married Lydia Landon, 10 Dec. 1741. he died 20 August 1796 in Goshen, Litchfield Co., CT.
  12. Elizabeth Buell; Born 27 April 1720 in Lebanon, CT. baptized 1 May 1720 in Lebanon, CT. She married Ezra Plumb.
  13. Rachel Buell; Born 22 May 1723 in Litchfield, CT. Married Thomas Grant

Fourth Generation

John Buell, son of Deacon John Buell & Mary Loomis. Born 1 Feb. 1698/1699 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. Died 1785.

He married Freedom Strong, daughter of Jedediah Strong & Abiah Ingersoll, 19 May 1726 in Lebanon, CT. Born 16 May 1704 in Lebanon, CT.

They had the following children (all born in Lebanon, New London Co., Conn.):

  1. John Buell; Born 31 August 1727.
  2. Freedom Buell; Born 23 June 1729.
  3. Oliver Buell; Born 24 Jan. 1732. He married Sarah Edgerton. Oliver died 25 June 1823 in Lee, Oneida Co., NY.
  4. Abraham Buell; Born 19 Feb. 1734. Died circa 1815 in Groton, Grafton Co., NH.
  5. Isaac Buell; Born 5 April 1736.
  6. Jacob Buell; Born 30 April 1739.
  7. David Buell; Born 16 May 1741. Died circa 1821 in Lee, Oneida Co., NY.
  8. Ezra Buell; Born 2 April 1744. Died circa 1819 in Vermont.
  9. Lois Buell; Born 8 Feb. 1747.

Fifth Generation

Freedom Buell, daughter of John Buell & Freedom Strong. Born 23 June 1729 in Lebanon, CT. Died 22 July 1771 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. She is buried in North Canton.

She married Ensign Jonathan Edgerton, son of Richard Edgerton & Hannah Caulkins, 31 Oct. 1751 at Goshen Church in Lebanon, CT. Married by Rev. Mr. Elliott. Jonathan was born 24 August 1726 in Norwich, New London Co., CT. While living at Lebanon, Jonathan served in the French and Indian War and in March 1758 was commissioned Ensign in the Army. He bought land in Simsbury in 1759. Between 1771 and 1175, Jonathan married Mary (Read) Bunce. He died 11 Nov. 1796 in Simsbury, CT.

There is an article on Jonathan Edgerton in "The American Genealogist," Vol. 41, p. 227 - 230. It gives names and proof of his children. This is supplimented by another article in "The American Genealogist," Vol. 44, p. 119 - 125; which adds more information about the children.

Jonathan and Freedom had the following children:

  1. Jedediah Edgerton; Born 22 April 1753 in Lebanon, CT. Baptized 10 June 1753 at Goshen Church, Lebanon, CT. He married Sarah Bunce, 23 Sept. 1779 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. He was living in Hamilton, NY in 1803. She died 11 Nov. 1841 in Tioga Co., NY.
  2. Abijah Edgerton; Baptized "privately" 24 Sept. 1754 by the pastor of Goshen Church.
  3. Jonathan Edgerton; Born 1 Sept. 1756 in Lebanon, CT. Baptized 5 Sept. 1756 at Goshen Church, Lebanon, CT. He died before 9 March 1780.
  4. James Edgerton; Born 27 April 1759 in Lebanon, CT.
  5. Richard Edgerton; Born about 1760.
  6. Freedom Edgerton
  7. John Edgerton; born about 1762 probably in Simbury, CT. He married twice and had children. John moved to Cazenovia, NY about 1813 and died about 1844.
  8. Isaac Edgerton; Born between 1760 and 1770 probably in Simsbury, CT. He was married and had approximately ten children. In 1840 he was living in Florence, NY.
  9. Amos Edgerton; Born in 1771 in Simsbury, CT. He married Zervia Sophia Graham, daughter of Daniel Graham and Lois Phelps. Amos was living in Cazenovia, NY in 1820.

Sixth Generation

Richard Edgerton, son of Jonathan Edgerton & Freedom Buell. Born about 1760. He served in the Revolution and was a private in Capt. Hait's Company, Col. Bradley's 5th Connecticut Regiment, from July 1 to Dec. 9 1780. By family tradition, he saved his company from capture by remaining behind to destroy a bridge. He was a school teacher and cattle trader. In 1803, his residence was recorded in a deed as "Hartford, county of Hartford." He deserted his family about 1791. In 1806 he appeared in Batavia, NY calling himself Richard Buell and living with or married to a woman named Mary Wilford. His will was written on 3 Feb. 1819 and it was proved on 14 June of the same year. Buried in Batavia Pioneer Cem., Batavia, NY. By the 1950s this cemetery was no longer in existance but it is not known what happened to the graves. His signature is from his will.

Richard first married Judith Graves, daughter of Thaddeus Graves Sr. & Elizabeth -----. Supposedly born 19 March 1767 in Tyringham, MA. Died 3 Oct. 1836, aged 69y, in Elba, Genesee Co., NY. Buried in Maplelawn Cem., Elba, NY. Her tombstone is pictured to the right.

They had the following children:

  1. Henry Graves Edgerton; Born 25 Nov. 1788 supposedly in Tyringham, MA. Henry setttled in Barre, Orleans Co., NY about 1816 - 1817 then moved to Elba about 1832. Died 13 Dec. 1873, aged 83y 18d, in Elba, Genesee Co., NY. Buried in Maplelawn Cem., Elba, NY. Henry married Jane West, daughter of John West and Betsey Miller. Born 22 Dec. 1798 in New York, New York Co., NY. Died 18 Oct. 1886, aged 87y 10m 6d, in Elba, Genesee Co., NY. Buried in Maplelawn Cem., Elba, NY.
  2. ------ Edgerton

Richard second married Mary Wilford. Born circa 1758. Died 5 June 1846, aged 88y, in Batavia, Genesee Co., NY. Buried in Daw's Corners Cem., Batavia, NY. Her tombstone is pictured to the right.

On 10 Nov. 1836 she bought 75 acres of land from Dutch investors for $393.41. The land was in the Town of Batavia on the northern part of lot 11 in the 14th section. It was on the east side of Oak Orchard Road and was bounded on the south by land owned by her son, Napoleon. She sold the land to her son, Napoleon, on 14 Nov. 1836 for $3500.

They had the following children:

  1. Richard Buell; Born about 1790.
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte Buell; Born circa 1800. Died 15 Feb. 1848, aged 48y, in Batavia, Genesee Co., NY. Buried in Daw's Corners Cem., Batavia, NY. He married Louisa A. -----. Born circa June 1810. Died 4 Dec. 1882, aged 72y 6m, in Batavia, NY. Buried in Daw's Corners Cem., Batavia, NY. In Napoeon's estate are listed these children: Leslie, Mary Elisabeth, Emma Augusta, Charles Augustus, Florence and Ella. Plus there are tombstones in the Daw's Corners Cem. for a Frederick W. and Eugene that died at a yound age.
  3. Clarinda M. Buell. She is probably not married in 1819.

Seventh Generation

Richard Buell, son of Richard Edgerton (aka Richard Buell) & Mary Wilford. Born about 1790. Died Feb. 1875 in Michigan prob. Thetford, Mich.).

On 1 Oct. 1833 Richard bought 59 acres of land from a quit claim for $1. This land had belonged to John and Mary Chatfield and Henry and Jane E. Chatfield. The land was in the Town of Batavia, on the south part of lot #1 in the fourth section and on the west side of Oak Orchard Road. Then, on 12 Dec. 1833 he bought 58½ acres of land for $333.50 from Dutch investors. This property was the north part of lot #1. On 6 Apr. 1836, Richard sells all of lot #1 for #6825 to John Hatch of Barre, NY. About 1839 Richard moved to Genesee County, Michigan where he owned large parcels of land.

For more information on the Michigan branches see the Buell Family page of Darlene Buell.

He first married Eliza North. Born between 1790 and 1800. Died 23 March 1836.

They had the following children:

  1. John Buell; Born 28 Feb. 1822
  2. Jay Buell; born 1824. Marriage record in the Batavia newspaper "Spirit of the Times" (dated Oct. 14, 1851) "Married in Corfu, Sept. 30, by Rev. J. W. Lane; Mr. Jay Buell of Flint, Mich. to Miss Emily Harroun." Emily was the daughter of David Harroun & Marjorie Wilder. Emily was born on 4 February 1821 in NY. Jay was a manufacturer of lumber. He died in 1876.
    Emily went to Iowa in 1885 to live with daughters, Mrs. M. E. Smith and Mrs. A. J. Smith of Littleton, Iowa. Her son, Franklin, lived in Gaylord, Mich. Emily died on 1 October 1890.
  3. Mary Buell; Born 1827. She married Henry Appleton Goodale, who was born about 1824 in New York State. Sarah died in Spetember 1851.
  4. Horace Buell; Born 1830. Mary Rose ----- who was born about 1830 in Conn. He died in 1863 in the Civil War at Glasgow, KY.
  5. Sarah Buell; Born 1834. She married James Bradford Goodale (usually called Bradford), who was born about 1822 in New York State. Mary died about 1854.
  6. James Buell; Born 20 March 1836. He died 3 April 1900. He married Levina C. Tyler who was born in 1851 and died 24 Oct. 1907. Both are buried in the Mt. Morris Cem., Mt. Morris, MI.

On 13 September 1836 Richard second married Nancy Harroun, daughter of David Harroun & Marjorie Wilder, in Darien, Genesee Co., NY. She was born on 10 July 1802 in Mass. and died on 12 September 1856.

They had the following children:

  1. Emily Buell; Born about 1840. Died in 1857.
  2. Irena Buell; Born about 1843. She married Charles Tyrell, son of Major Amos Tyrell. Irena died in 1925.
  3. George Buell was born in 1845 in NY and died in 1926.
    George married Emma ----- who was born in 1848 and died in 1922. Both George and Emma are buried in Thetford Cem., Thetford, MI.
  4. David Buell; Born in 1848. He was in Co. M, 3rd MI Cav. in the Civil War. Died in 1875 and is buried in the Thetford Cem., Thetford, MI.

Richard third married Irena North. She is upposed to be a sister of Richard's first wife. Born circa 1809 in Mass.

Census records
1830 (Elba, Genesee Co., NY) 2 males under 5, 1 male aged 5 - 10, 1 male aged 15 - 20, 1 male aged 30 - 40, 1 female under 5, 1 female aged 10 - 15, 1 female aged 30 - 40
1850 (Thetford, MI) - Richard 58, Nancy 48, Jay 24, Horace 21, Sarah 17, James 14, Emily 10, Irena 7, George 5, David 2
1860 (Thetford, MI) - Richard 68, Irena 51 (Mass.), George 15, David 12
1870 (Thetford, Genesee Co., MI) - Richard 78 (b NJ), Irena 63 (b MA)

Eighth Generation

Smith Hill Cem.MaryJohn Buell, son of Richard Buell. Born 28 Feb. 1822 in Batavia, Genesee Co., NY. John was a farmer. The family that John is living with in the 1860 probably were employees of John's brother Jay. He went to war on Aug. 29, 1862. He enlisted at Detroit in Co. K, 5th Mich. Cavalry. He was shot from his horse during a cavalry charge at the Battle of Gettysburg and died 3 July 1863. He is buried at Gettysburg.

He first married Mary Webster, daughter of Abijah Webster & Abigail Couch, 10 July 1847 in Forest, Genesee Co., MI. Born 16 July 1823 in Bath, Steuben Co., NY. Died 1 July 1850 in Forest, MI.

They had the following children:

  1. Theodore Buell
  2. Eleanor Buell; Born 20 Sept. 1849 in Forest, Genesee Co., MI. Died 1 July 1850 in Forest, MI.

John second married Clarissa R. -----, 3 October 1861. Born 7 November 1823 in Wells, Rutland Co., VT. She was Mrs. Day before she married John. In 1865 Clarissa was living in Burton, Genesse Co., Mich. and late in life she lived at R.F.D. #10, Flint, Mich. Died 15 Feb. 1917 in Flint, MI.

Census records
1850 (Forest, MI) - John 26, Mary 23, Theodore 3, Eleanor 1m
1860 (Thetford, MI) - Arial Hodge 47, Adelia Hodge 25, Eliza Hodge 3, Anna Hodge 2, John 31, Theodore 11, Ann Ledus 22

Ninth Generation

Theodore Buell, son of John Buell & Mary Webster. Born 11 December 1848 in Forest, MI. Died 26 September 1915 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY.

He married Mary Melissa Lason, daughter of Silas Peter Lason & Nancy Ann Gibson, 2 July 1870 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. Born 12 February 1853 in Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY. Died 23 March 1911 in Hornell, NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY. (Pictured on right Theodore and Mary Buell about 1910.)

They had the following children:

  1. Grace Mary Buell; Born 25 December 1874 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY.
  2. George Webster Buell; Born 31 May 1876 in Jasper, NY.
  3. Jocelia Eleanor Buell. Born 6 November 1878 in Jasper, NY.
  4. Helen Jennie "Nellie" Buell; Born 26 July 1881 in Jasper, NY. Died 2 May 1914. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY. She married George Uhl (son of Jacob Uhl and Elizabeth Emo), 25 June 1902 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Born ca. 1878.
  5. Frank Theodore Buell; Born 1 October 1883 in Jasper, NY. Died 29 April 1957. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY.

On Feb. 10, 1871 Theodore bought land in Jasper, NY. On March 18, 1886 he bought farm land from his father-in-law, Silas Lason. The family moved to Hornell and lived in various apartments. On Apr. 1, 1905 Theodore bought the house and lot at 152 Hornell St. and put it in the name of his daughters, Grace and Jocelia. While living in Hornell, Theodore worked for as a blacksmith for the Erie R.R. (1891 - 1907) and then as a janitor.

Census records (1865 - 1880 from Jasper, NY and 1892 & 1900 from Hornell, NY)
1865 Theodore 16 hired man for Samuel Dennis family
1870 Theodore 22, Mary 17, Mary Robinson 70, C. W. Butler 14, Mira M. Butler 10, Dwight S. Butler 8
1875 Theodore 26, Mary M. 22, Mary G. 1½
1880 Theodore 31, Mary 27, Grace 6, Geo. 4, Joselia 1
1892 Theodore 43, May 38, Grace 18, George 15, Josie 13, Nellie 10, Frank 8
1900 Theodore 52, Mary 44, Grace 25, George 24, Jocelia 21, Helen 18, Frank 16

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