My Halsey Family Line


This is my direct line of the Halsey family back to Thomas Halsey, who came to America about 1638. There was a Halsey Genealogy which was published in 1895 which had the English ancestors of Thomas Halsey. These ancestors were proven wrong by Herbert F. Seversmith in the early 1950s. The correct ancestry for Thomas Halsey has not yet been proven.


First Generation

1. Thomas Halsey. Born ca. 1600 in England. Died 27 Aug. 1678 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Probably buried in Southampton, NY.

He married Elizabeth Wheeler.

They had the following children:

  1. Thomas Halsey. Baptised 26 Nov. 1626 in Kempston, Bedfordshire, Eng.
  2. John Halsey; Baptised 26 Dec 1628 in Kempston, Eng.
  3. Robert Halsey; Baptised 24 Oct 1630 in Kempston, Eng. Buried 28 Oct. 1630 in Kempston, Eng.
  4. Isaac Halsey; Baptised 18 Nov. 1632 in Kempston, Eng. Died 31 Jan. 1725 in Southampton, NY.
  5. Elizabeth Halsey; Baptised 27 Sep 1635 in Kempston, Eng.
  6. Daniel Halsey; Baptised 22 Apr. 1638 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng. Died ca. 1682 in Southampton, NY.
Notes on Thomas Halsey

Mostly from Colonial Families of Long Island, New York and Connecticut by Herbert F. Seversmith
Thomas was, in 1637, a resident of Kempston, Bedfordshire. In the Ship-Money Papers of 1637 - 1639 he was assessed for one pound, five shillings & nine pence.

Among the documents in the custody of the Clerk of Courts at Salem, Mass. is a copy of records showing the divisions of land of Lynn, Mass. in 1638. Thomas Halsey received 100 acres. It is evident, therefore, that Thomas came over sometime after April 1638 and before the end of that year. He was a resident of Lynn during 1639 and most of 1640.

A number of the colonists of Lynn had resolved to leave and to settle in another place and on 10 March 1639, Edward Howell with others contracted for transport to the future Southampton, Long Island. Thomas was not, at the beginning, one of the adventurers in this project; but upon acceptance by the rest of the party and contribution of eighty pounds, he was included as one of them. The final agreement to settle Southampton was dated at Lynn, 17 April 1640, and the colonists arrived 13 Dec. 1640. The settlers gave the local indians 16 coats and 60 bushels of corn for the land.

On 5 March 1646 Thomas was censured for "hindering the quiet proceedings of the court and causeing them to lose their tyme by his willful obstinacy. And for the unjust chargeing of the Court for justefying the actions of Mr. Howe, for which offence he is required forthwith to make publick Acknowledgement, and to paye five shillings..." He refused to make acknowledgement, and was forthwith fined forty shillings. The fine was remitted by the General Court on 3 March 1647.

He was listed as a perfect freeman 8 March 1649; was Marshall for a rate for Southampton 5 Oct. 1646; and was chosen townsman in Oct. 1650, Nov. 1652, Oct. 1657 and Oct. 1659. With other able-bodied men of the town he was a member of the military company or "train band."

An action of the case was brought against him by William Rogers 20 Oct. 1650, which was postponed to 25 Oct. 1650; the case was to be tried at the house of Richard Barrett. Rogers won damages of five pounds. This was purely a civil case and Thomas lost no prestige from it in the eyes of his fellow townsman, for on 5 Nov. 1652 he was chosen with others to act as a committee to partition the meadows of the town. In 1653 he was member of a squadron to take care of whales cast upon the beach.

On 30 May 1654 the town ordered Thomas Halsey and Henry Pierson to lay out land granted to Thomas Vail in order to make up the latter's fifty pound allotment; Vail was to satisfy them "for the paines." Thomas got into difficulties with the Court again 3 June 1654, when he was fined five shillings for his "contemptious cariage unto ye Court, at his departure." The Rev. Robert Fordham was plaintiff in an action of trespass against Thomas Halsey on 22 Dec. 1654; the jury included Mr. Odell, Thomas Sayre, a distant cousin of his wife, John Howell, Edward Howell, William Rogers and Christopher Foster, among others. The jury found for the plaintiff "for the tresspass in taking up the horse illegally two shillings damage with increase of Court charges And the Jury meddle not with determining whose the horse is." Thomas appealed to Hartford and was bound in the sum of forty pounds to prosecute there.

It appears from the records that Thomas Halsey was independent, impatient of courts and somewhat plain-spoken in mind. The same motive which sent him from England, doubtless, made him suspect the jurisprudence of his day. Nevertheless, when his somewhat belligerent forwardness got him into trouble with his fellow townsmen in general, he backtracked. Thus on 23 Oct. 1655 and after a disagreement with the town as to the condition of his closes (neighbors) and where his cattle should be maintained, he apologized and paid the townsmen for their troubles in returning his cattle to closure.

He exchanged lands with Mr. Josiah Stansborough on 25 Feb.. 1657; was one of a committee which in May 1661 determined the town bounds between Southampton and Easthampton; and in Sept. 1663 he was ordered, with four others, to collect all moneys due to the town, and to give proper receipts therefor. In the following Nov. he was placed on a committee to perfect the title of the town of Southampton to its lands. He climaxed his civic duties by serving as deputy to the General Court at Hartford, Conn. on 25 1664. One of his last services was to become a patentee of the town under the Gov. Andros patent on 1 Nov. 1667.

Thomas left a will dated 28 June 1677 and proved 6 March 1679.


Second Generation

Thomas Halsey, son of Thomas Halsey & Elizabeth Wheeler. Baptised 26 Nov. 1626 in Kempston, Bedfordshire, Eng. Died 1688/1689 in Long Island, NY.

He married Mary -----, ca. 1653 in Long Island, NY. Died 20 Dec 1699 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Her will dated 13 December 1699 was proved 21 May 1700. She died at Southampton 20 December 1699 and was undoubtly buried in the town, although the specific location remains undetermined.

They had the following children:

  1. Mary Halsey; Born 29 Aug. 1654 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. She married at Southampton 8 Nov. 1677 to Matthew Howell of Southampton. She was still living 10 October 1706 when the will of her late husband was confirmed. The date of her death is unknown. She was probably buried in the old cemetery at Southampton, although there is no gravestone for her.
  2. Elizabeth Halsey; Born 15 Oct. 1655 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Died before 18 Dec. 1699. married Nathaniel Ruscoe of Southampton.
  3. Josiah Halsey. Born 15 Feb. 1657 in Southampton, NY.
  4. Sarah Halsey; Born 29 Oct. 1658 in Southampton, NY. married Joseph Moore.
  5. Isaac Halsey; Born 29 Aug. 1660 in Southampton, NY. Died 18 May 1757 in Southampton, NY. Buried in Old Southend Cem, Southampton, NY.
    He married first on 28 Nov. 1689 to Abigail Howell, dau. of John. He married second on 19 Oct. 1699, Hannah Stratton, the widow of Stephen Stratton and dau. of Robert and Elizabeth (Mott) Reeves. They were married at the First Church at Easthampton, NY.
  6. David Halsey; Born 12 Apr. 1663 in Southampton, NY. Died 18 Feb. 1731. Buried in Watermill. His wife was Hannah.
  7. Hannah Halsey; Born 5 Feb. 1665 in Southampton, NY. It has been conjectured that she married Nathaniel, son of John and Susannah (Clark) Howell.
  8. Jeremiah Halsey. Born 7 Sep 1667 in Southampton, NY.
  9. Jonathan Halsey; Born 22 Dec. 1669 in Southampton, NY. He was a witness to his brother Nathaniel's will in 1745.
  10. Phebe Halsey; Born 29 Dec. 1671 in Southampton, NY. Died 16 July 1732 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Buried in Old Southend Cem, Southampton, NY. married 10 Sept. 1702 to Hezekiah Howell, son of Richard & Elizabeth (Halsey) Howell.
  11. Abigail Halsey; Born 19 Apr. 1673 in Southampton, NY.
  12. Nathaniel Halsey; Born 1 June 1675 in Southampton, NY. Died 1745 - 1746. He was first mentioned in the Town records in 1696 when he is rated with his mother for 85 acres. He married on 15 Dec. 1697, Anna Stansborough, dau. of Josiah & Adna (Chatfield) Stansborough. On 5 April 1743 and 1 April 1745, he was chosen one of the the town trustees. His will was dated 27 March 1745 and proved 18 April 1746.
Notes on Thomas Halsey Jr.

Mostly from Colonial Families of Long Island, New York and Connecticut by Herbert F. Seversmith
The first record of Thomas is in 1644 when he is included on a whaling list of Southampton on Long Island. He contributed 2 shillings, 6 pence in February 1656 towards recompensing Mr. Goldsmith for the loss the latter had suffered by fire. In 1657 he was called one of the eastern men, which would seem to indicate that he was living at Mecox. However, maps of Southampton prepared by George Rogers Howell indicate that Thomas Halsey junior lived in Southampton village on the main street and on the west side, near the town pond and between the homes of Thurston and Jonathan Raynor. The property so tentatively described was south of the homestead of his father and on the other side of Horsemill lane.

Thomas was assessed in January 1665 to pay his share of the purchase of Quaquanantuck; was on a list of the town in 1666 and was chosen grand juryman 1 April 1685. He was listed in the estimate of 1683 on a valuation of 411 pounds, 16 shillings and 8 pence.

His will dated 3 August 1688 was proved 16 January 1689. Thomas had died, therefore near the end of the year 1688. He was buried allededly in the Hay Ground graveyard at Bridgehampton, NY.


Third Generation

Tombstone of Josiah Halsey.

Tombstone of Josiah Halsey.

Josiah Halsey, son of Thomas Halsey & Mary -----. Born 15 Feb. 1657 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Died 25 Dec. 1732, aged 77 years. Buried in Wickapogue Cem., Southampton, NY.

He married Sarah Topping, daughter of John Topping & Sarah White, 12 Sep 1678 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Born ca. 1657 in Southampton, New York.

They had the following children:

  1. Josiah Halsey
  2. Martha Halsey. Born ca. 1705.
  3. Mary Halsey
  4. Elizabeth Halsey

Josiah married second, Temperence and third, Mary.

Tombstone of Jeremiah Halsey.

Tombstone of Jeremiah Halsey.

Jeremiah Halsey, son of Thomas Halsey & Mary -----. Born 7 Sept. 1667 in Southampton, NY. Residence (1698) Bridgehampton, NY. Died 29 Dec 1737 in Bridgehampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Buried in Mecox Graveyard, Southampton, NY.

On page 86 of "Memorials of Old Bridgehampton" it says: "Jeremiah Halsey lived where his descendant, the late Oliver lived which was on the east side of Halsey's Lane. A very old house was torn down there some years ago. Personally I cannot make a positive location of the first house, though I think the records indicate the neighborhood of Paul's and Halsey Lanes."

His will dated 20 December 1733, included a codicil of 24 December 1737 and was proved 5 January 1738.

He first married Ruth ------, who was born circa 1668 and died 19 Dec. 1717. Said to be buried in the Mecox Graveyard.

He married, second, Deborah -----. Died After 1737.

Children (by first wife):

  1. Jeremiah Halsey. Born before 1698 in Suffolk Co., NY.
  2. Nathan Halsey; Born after 1698. He married a woman named Charity. His will dated 20 Feb.. 1759 was proved 28 Oct. 1760.
  3. Elijah Halsey; Born ca. 1702 in Southampton, NY.
  4. William Halsey; Born ca. 1703 - 1706. Died 6 Dec 1783 in Preston, Conn. He was married on 19 June 1738 to Sarah Stanton, who was born 22 Feb. 1706 and died 15 Dec. 1787 at Preston, CT.
  5. Silas Halsey; Born ca. 1704 in Bridgehampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Died 4 Feb. 1777 in Morristown, NJ. He is said to have been married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown. On 19 June 1750 he married Abigail Howell, who died at Morristown, NJ on 26 March 1777.
  6. Experience Halsey; She married in 1739 to Samuel Howell.
  7. Abigail Halsey; Living in 1737.
  8. Jerusha Halsey; Living in 1737.
  9. Mary Halsey; Living in 1737.


Fourth Generation

Martha Halsey, daughter of Josiah Halsey & Sarah Topping. Born ca. 1705. Died 29 Nov. 1787, aged 83 years. Buried in Hayground Cem., Bridgehampton, NY.
She married Deacon James Haines, son of James Haines & Sarah. Born ca. 19 Dec 1702 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 24 Dec 1779. Buried in Hayground Cem., Bridgehampton, NY.

They had the following children:

  1. David Haines
  2. Sarah Haines
  3. James Haines
  4. Daniel Haines
  5. Elizabeth Haines
  6. Samuel Haines
  7. Mary Haines; Born ca. 1736. Died 7 Apr. 1755. Buried in Hayground Cem., Bridgehampton, NY.

Jeremiah Halsey, son of Jeremiah Halsey & Deborah -----. Born before 1698 in Suffolk Co., NY. Residence (1721) Bridgehampton, NY. His will dated 21 Jan. 1767 was proved 19 April 1768.

He first married Hannah Howell.

He second married Mary Conkling, daughter of Ananias Conkling & Martha Stratton, 25 Nov. 1721 in Easthampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Baptised 7 Oct 1705.

They had the following children:

  1. Matthew Halsey. Born 24 Feb. 1725 in Suffolk Co., NY.
  2. Jeremiah Halsey; Born 1737. Died Sep 1782. Buried in Scuttle Hole Cem, Bridgehampton, NY. He enlisted on May 8, 1760 in the French and Indian War under Capt. J. Baker. His occupation is listed as a weaver on the enlistment papers. He married Elizabeth, who died 16 Oct. 1831. She is also buried at Scuttle Hole Cem.
  3. Paul Halsey; Born Dec 1741. Died 1 Apr. 1830. Buried in near Mecox Bay. He married Anna Hudson, who died 24 Aug.. 1840.
  4. Stephen Halsey; Died 1785 - 1786. He married Mary Rogers, sister of Judge Jona. Rogers. She died 1782.
  5. Silas Halsey; Born 12 Jun 1753. Died 26 Oct 1801. He married Jane Ludlow, who was born 10 Dec. 1756 and died 9 Oct. 1836 and is buried at Hay Ground graveyard.
  6. William Rogers Halsey; Born 1757. Died 4 March 1835 in Franklin, Delaware Co., NY. He moved to central NY in 1808. He married Phebe Sandford, who died 20 Aug. 1827.
  7. Isaac Halsey
  8. Jabez Halsey He was living in Parsippany, NJ in 1773. Jabez married Sarah, dau. of Abner Beach, who was born 21 Oct. 1751.
  9. Amos Halsey; He lived in Hamover Township, NJ. He died in NJ ca. 1783 - 1784.
  10. Hannah Halsey
  11. Martha Halsey


Fifth Generation

Matthew's house.

Matthew's house.

Matthew Halsey, son of Jeremiah Halsey & Mary Conkling. Born 24 Feb. 1725 in Suffolk Co., NY. Died 1802. Matthew's house was located in the present village of Bridgehampton on Lumber Lane. It was moved to its present site sometime in the 1800s from a hollow a little further to the south.

He married his second cousin, Sarah Haines, daughter of Deacon James Haines & Martha Halsey. Born 19 Oct 1730. Died 1813.

They had the following children:

  1. Sarah Halsey; Born 21 Sept. 1750 on Lumber Lane, Bridgehampton, NY. Died 26 Aug. 1839 in New York, New York. She married Nathan Norris, who was born 1745.
  2. Eunice Halsey; Born 15 Apr. 1752 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 1833. She married David Lupton.
  3. Matthew Halsey. Born 25 Jul 1753 in Bridgehampton, NY.
  4. Mary Halsey; Born 1 March 1755 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 3 Apr. 1843. She married Caleb Corwith on 31 Aug. 1779.
  5. Job Halsey; Born 12 Nov. 1756. Died an infant.
  6. Abigail Halsey; Born 7 Jun 1758. Died 1839. She married Isaac Hildreth and they lived near Mecox Bay.
  7. Job Halsey; Born 14 Dec 1759. Died 1839. He lived in Sag Harbor, NY.
  8. Gaius Halsey; Born 31 Dec 1761. Died 1779.
  9. Martha Halsey; Born 3 Jun 1763. Died 1840. She married Ira Topping.
  10. Levi Halsey; Born 20 Oct 1764. Died 19 Jan. 1844. He lived on Lumber Lane in Bridgehampton, NY. He married Nancy Woodruff, dau. of Benjamin Woodruff.
  11. Isaac Halsey; Born 9 Jun 1766. Died ca. 1816.
  12. Ruth Halsey; Born 10 Jul 1768. Died ca. 1788.
  13. Jacob Halsey; Born 4 Nov. 1769. Died 10 Apr. 1847. In 1791 he married Sarah Woodruff, dau. of Benjamin Woodruff. They lived on Lumber Lane in Bridgehampton, NY.
  14. Samuel Halsey; Born 6 Jan. 1773 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 22 Sept. 1839 in Bridgehampton, NY. On 12 April 1796 he married Sibella (or Sybel) Woodruff. Samuel died in the house where he born.
  15. Chloe Halsey; Born 5 Sep 1774. She married first Charles Pierson and second Elisha Conklin of Wainscot, NY.

Census: (from Southampton, NY)
1776 1m(50 or over), 2m(16-49), 5m(under 16), 4f(16 or over), 3f(under 16)
1790 5m(16 or over), 3f
1800 1m(45 or over), 1f(45 or over)


Sixth Generation

Matthew's signatures.

Matthew's signatures.

Matthew Halsey, son of Matthew Halsey & Sarah Haines. Born 25 July 1753 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 28 Jan. 1841 in Cohocton, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Howard, NY.

He first married ----- Rose.

They had the following children:

  1. Rufus Halsey. Born 15 Apr. 1780 in Suffolk Co., NY.
  2. Gaius Halsey; Born 4 May 1793 in Bridgehampton, NY. Died 18 Dec 1835 in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. He took up the practice of medicine. In Bainbridge, Chenago County, NY, he married Mary Church on 25 Nov. 1815. Dr. Halsey's second wife was Barbara Grant.
  3. Harriet Halsey; Born 5 Feb. 1796 in Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY. Died 7 Apr. 1867 in Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY. On 16 April 1818 at Bath, NY she married Simeon Holmes.

Matthew second married Ruth Leonard.

Notes on Matthew Halsey
Matthew enlisted in the Revolutionary War at Southampton on 3 July 1775 in Capt. John Hulbert's Company. On the muster roll, he is described as 5' 10" with dark complexion and hair.

In his pension request Matthew says that first "he marched with his company to Montauk Point." Two companies were stationed there and they remained there ca. six weeks. His company marched to New York City where they stayed ca. two weeks then marched to Albany with another company. His company then marched from Albany to Fort Ticonderoga to guard the ammunition wagons, staying there until the first of November. About 100 British prisoners were brought to Capt. Hulbert at Ticonderoga and Matthew with the company marched them to New Canaan, Conn. The company then marched to Fort Constitution, opposite West Point arriving ca. the first of Dec. and Matthew was discharged there on Feb. 14, 1776.

Back on Long Island in the spring of 1776 Matthew was in the local militia and he helped move people and their belongings to Conn. because of the threat of British invasion. Matthew also told his family that he took out letters of Marque and even made a private expedition to New London against some Hessians of which he captured thirteen. For this exploit he received a large some of Continental currency. Also Matthew said that during the winter of 1777-8 he went to Newark to visit his wife by skating across the frozen New York Bay, the Kill von Kull and Newark Bay; all frozen from the extremely cold winter.

In about 1795 Matthew left Long Island and his daughter, Harriet was born in 1796 in Mt. Morris, Livingston County but he settles to the east of there in the town of Sringfield, Otsego County, NY at the north end of Otsego Lake. The census has him living in Springfield in 1800. There is a mortgage dated June 19, 1801 that Matthew took out on 34 acres of land in lot #34 in Springfield on file at the Courthouse at Cooperstown. The mortgage was taken out from a Phebe Halsey of Bridgehampton for $509.40 and it is recorded that Matthew paid off the mortgage by June 14, 1803. On Nov. 4, 1809 Matthew sold the Springfield land for $1900 to Francis Bennett. There on a marker located on the grounds of the Presbyterian Church in East Springfield is the name of Matthew Halsey with other Revolutionary War soldiers who lived in the area.

In 1810 Matthew began buying up the rest of the lot that his son, Rufus, lived on in Middletown, NY. This lot was bordered on one side by Otsego Lake and on the other by the town of Springfield line and is called lot #3. The lot was owned jointly by many people and on April 11, 1810 Matthew paid Catherine Davy $70 for her share of the lot. Also on the same day he paid Thomas Day, Elener Hill and his wife Betsey, $280 for their share. Also in 1810, he paid on Nov. 19, $50 Matthew paid to John Taylor of Albany $355 and obtained possession of his share of the lot. In a letter written to Mr. Taylor on May 25, 1815, Matthew is still trying to buy the final share of the land from a Mr. Dutcher, but he would not sell. Probably for this reason, Matthew decided to sell his shares in the property. On June 10, 1815 he sold part of the land to John Wiert for $1171.50. Mister Wiert took out a mortgage from Rufus for $425.12. Matthew sold another part off the lot to Farrand Stranahan for $200 on Dec. 16, 1815. Matthew probably left for Howard, NY where his son was living, shortly thereafter. In 1820, Matthew was living in Howard and in 1825 it is recorded that he had 7 acres of improved land and a livestock of 3 cows and 3 hogs.

In 1832 Matthew applied for a pension because of his Revolutionary War service. He got a pension of $33.33 per year.

In 1840, Matthew was living with his son-in-law, Simeon Holmes. Matthew died in Cohocton, NY but is buried somewhere on Bennett's Flats in the town of Howard, NY. The tombstone has not been found. Supposely under his head in his coffin, to serve as a pillow, was placed his well preserved collection of Continental currency.

Census records
1790 Southampton, NY 1m(16 or over), 1m(under 16), 1f
1800 Springfield, NY 1m(10-15), 2m(16-25), 1m(45 or over), 1f(under 10), 1f(16-25), 2f(45 or over)
1810 Middlefield, NY 2m(16-25), 1m(45 or over), 1f(10-15), 1f(45 or over)
1820 Howard, NY 1m(45 or over), 1f(45 or over), 1 engaged in agriculture
1825 Howard, NY 1m, 1f 1840 Cohocton, NY age 87, living with Simeon Holmes


Seventh Generation

Rufus Halsey, son of Matthew Halsey & Rose. Born 15 Apr. 1780 in Suffolk Co., NY. Died 9 Jan. 1826 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY.

There is a mortgage for Rufus dated 20 Nov. 1801 for land that he bought in Middlefield, NY. He moved to Howard, NY in 1812. In 1823 and 1824 Rufus was a tax collector for the town of Howard. In 1825 the farm consisted of 8 acres of improved land, 7 cattle, 7 hogs and one sheep. In 1835 the farm had 35 acres of improved land, 9 cattle, 3 horses and 12 sheep. On 1 Dec. 1855 Lydia bought ¾ acre in the southeast part of lot 43 in Howard from the Pultney estate. She sold this land on 2 May 1862.

He married Lydia Rathbone, daughter of Job Rathbone & Debora Welch. Born ca. 1782 in Colchester, Conn. Died after 1860.

They had the following children:

  1. Job Darius Halsey; Born 2 Aug. 1806 in Otsego Co., NY. Died in Waukon, Allemakee Co., IA. He married Orpha Ford, daughter of Adonijah Ford & Lucretia Barker. Born ca. 1810. Died 13 Dec 1844, aged 34 years 7 months. Buried in Big Creek Cem., Fremont, NY.
  2. Rufus Halsey; Born 16 Jan. 1810 in Otsego Co., NY. Died 7 Dec 1878 in Adrian, MI. On 26 Sept. 1839 he married Clarissa Manville.
  3. Alonzo Halsey; Born ca. 1813 in Howard, NY. Died in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY. He married Matilda Lake.
  4. Thomas Jefferson Halsey; Born ca. 1814 in Howard, NY. Died 1882 in MO. He was a physician.
  5. Dewitt Clinton Halsey. Born ca. 1815 in Howard, NY.
  6. Eliza Halsey; Born 6 Sep 1816 in Howard, NY. She married Daniel Westcott. She was living in Howard, NY in 1885.
  7. Lydia Halsey; Born 6 Sep 1816 in Howard, NY. Died 1823 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY.
  8. Gaius Halsey; Born 2 May 1820 in Howard, NY. Died 30 Oct 1882 in Howard, NY. He married Jane Roberts.

Census records: (1810 from Middlefield, NY and the rest from Howard, NY)
1810 3m(under 10), 1m(26-44), 1f(26-44)
1820 2m(under 10), 2m(10-15), 1m(16-17), 1m (18-25), 1m(26-44), 2f(under 10), 1f(26-44)
1825 6m, 2f with only 1 male age 18 - 45
1830 1m(10-15), 2m(15-19), 2m(20-29), 1f(15-19), 1f(40-49)
1835 1m, 2f
1840 1f(50-59)
1850 Lydia 68
1855 Lydia 72, Eliza 39
1860 Lydia 78 with Daniel Westcott (her son-in-law)


Eighth Generation

Dewitt Clinton Halsey, son of Rufus Halsey & Lydia Rathbone. Born ca. 1815 in Howard, NY.

On Dewitt's farm in Howard in 1835 he had only 2 acres of improved land and the livestock consisted of 4 hogs, 4 cattle and 10 sheep. According to one family source, after 1850 Dewitt went west. According to the Halsey Family Genealogy, Dewitt was living in Howard in 1885. Recent information shows that Dewitt probably died around 1852.

He first married Ruth Ford, daughter of Adonijah Ford & Lucretia Barker. Born between 1811 and 1820. Died 1852 in Howard, NY.

They had the following children:

  1. Mahala Halsey. Born 14 Nov. 1829 in Howard, NY. Died 10 May 1874 in Howard, NY. Buried in Towlesville Cem., Howard, NY. She married George Stewart, 20 Oct 1852. Born 25 Jan. 1828 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY. Died 1 May 1920. Also buried in Towlesville Cem. They had 6 children.
  2. Marion E. Halsey. Born 1833 in Howard, NY. Died 25 Oct. 1904 in Howard, NY. Buried in Hope Cem., Hornell, NY. She married Emmanuel Jones. Born 8 June 1822 in Prattsburg, Steuben Co., NY. Died 12 Oct 1902. Buried in Hope Cem., Hornell, NY. They had a daughter named Sally.
  3. Ellen A. Halsey. Born between July and Dec. 1835 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY. Died before 1900 in IA. She married Reuben Bardeen. Born May 1833 in NY. They moved to Iowa and had five children.
  4. Margaret L. Halsey; Born 16 Jan. 1838 in Howard, NY. Died 3 Feb. 1922 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY. She married John C. McChesney.
  5. Oscar H. Halsey. Born 1844 in Howard, NY. Died 23 Feb. 1864 in Howard, NY. Buried in Shearer Cem., Howard, NY.
    Oscar enlisted in the Civil War on Sept. 19, 1862 as a Private in Co. F, 161st Regt. NY Volunteers. Oscar is described as 5'9" with blue eyes, light hair and a light complexion. He was given a 60 day furlough because of illness and came home where he died.
    He married Arminta Bennett, 23 Apr. 1861 in Howard, NY. Born 1846 in Howard, NY. Died 25 Sep 1896. Buried in Hillside Cem., Canisteo, NY. They had a son, George Melvin Halsey.
  6. Melvin Dewitt Halsey. Born Feb. 1846 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY.

Dewitt married second about 1849; Martha Ann Wampole (1823 - 1865). Martha next married Luther Ford and they had a daughter, Hannah who was born 11 Dec. 1854. Martha then about 1859 married Samuel Craig Fauver.

Dewitt and Martha had one child:

  1. Charles Halsey who was born about 1851.

Census records: (all except 1850 from Howard, NY)
1835 1 male, 3 females
1840 1m(20-29), 1f(20-29), 1f(5-9), 1f(under 5)
1845 2 males, 4 females
1850 Canisteo, NY Dewitt 35, Matty Ann 28, Mirriam 17, Eleanor 15, Margaret 9, Oscar 7, Melvin 4


Ninth Generation

Melvin's signatures.

Melvin's signatures.

Melvin Dewitt Halsey, son of Dewitt Clinton Halsey & Ruth Ford. Born Feb. 1846 in Howard, NY. Died 20 March 1920 in South Creek, PA. He is buried in Rosstown Cemetery, Southport, NY.

He first married Mary E. Morgan, daughter of John Morgan & Levina Travis. Born 23 Aug. 1849 in Howard, NY. Died 19 Feb. 1905 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY.

They had the following children:

  1. Alta May Halsey. Born 13 March 1872 in Howard, NY. Died 5 March 1953 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY. She married Charles H. Allen (son of Henry W. Allen and Luthera Clements), 6 June 1894 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Born ca. 1868. They had a son, Richard Arver Allen.
  2. Clarence W. Halsey; Born 1874 in Howard, NY. Died 1950 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., NY. He married Agnes Fick. Her parents were Edward Fick and Louise Hoeppner. She taught school in Dunkirk from 1921 to 1953. Died 13 July 1982 in Dunkirk, NY.
  3. Milo Carl Halsey. Born 20 Sept. 1876 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY. Died Aug. 1960 in Emmigrant Gap, CA. Buried in Evansville, WI. He first married Bernice Anderson. He second married Pearl Edna Greatsinger, 18 March 1903 in Evansville, WI. She was born 8 Jun 1885 in Brooklin, WI. Died 4 March 1943 in Ipaua, IL. Buried in Evansville, WI. Milo and Pearl had two daughters and a son.
  4. Archie McClean Halsey. Born 20 March 1880 in Howard, NY.
  5. Benjamin Everett Halsey. Born 16 Apr. 1883 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Died 27 Feb. 1971 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY. He married Lora Mae McIntyre, 19 Sept. 1903 in Arkport, Steuben Co., NY. Born 15 Aug. 1883 in Delavan, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Died 3 Nov. 1961 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY. They had two sets of twin girls.

Melvin second married Esther Haight, dau. of Cornelius and Julia Haight. Esther was born about 1877.

They had the following children:

  1. John D. Halsey; Born July 1893 in Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., PA.
  2. Homer Halsey; Born 3 Sept. 1895 in Lawrenceville, PA. Homer enlisted in the Army on Jan. 14, 1914 in Columbus, Ohio and he made it his career. He fought in both World War I and World War II. He met his wife, Agnes St. Louis when she was a parachute jumper for an air show near Chicago. Agnes had a daughter named Shirley before Homer and Agnes got married. Homer died 29 Sept. 1971 in Eau Claire, WI.

Melvin third married Laura B. Comfort (dau. of George E. & Susan Comfort), 11 March 1911 in Fassett, PA. Born ca. 1893 in NY. She died Feb. 1919.

They had the following children:

  1. Mildred Louise Halsey. Born 28 Sept. 1911 in South Creek, Bradford Co., PA. Died 20 Sept. 1969 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. She married John Richard Pidcoe, 21 Jul 1934 in Southport, Chemung Co., NY. Born 15 Apr. 1905. They had two sons.
  2. Alta M. Halsey; Born in South Creek, PA. Died Aug. 1963.
  3. Menzo D. Halsey; Born ca. Oct. 1917 in South Creek, PA. He was living in Chemung, NY in the 1960s and 1970s.
Notes on Melvin Halsey
In 1855 Melvin and his sister, Margaret, are listed as adopted children of Thomas Horton Sr., with whom they are living with in Howard. In 1860, Melvin is living with Thomas Horton Jr. in Howard. He was boarding with Stephen Sayles in Fremont, NY in 1865.

On March 29, 1876 Melvin buys land in Howard for $405. He sold this property on March 5, 1881 for $262.50 and sometime between then and April 16, 1883 they moved to Hornellsville, because his son, Benjamin, was born in Hornellsville in Apr. 1883. Melvin bought a house at 79 Arkport Road (now N. Main St.) in Hornellsville on Sept. 20, 1883 for $700. In a city directory dated 1884, it says that Melvin was a driver of the stage from Hornellsville to Bath.

For some unknown reason, Melvin left his family.

On March 14, 1888 Melvin borrowed some money from a man in Lawrenceville, PA. He bought 102.2 acres of land in Lawrenceville for $50 on Dec. 26, 1888. A county directory dated 1899 says Melvin was a farmer along Mitchell Creek in Lawrenceville. Sometime around that time, it is said that he left Lawrenceville with his son John.

On July 2, 1901 the court of Bradford County, PA issued a subpoena to find Melvin for "Libel in Divorce" from his first wife, Mary. The sheriff said that he could not find him.

On Feb. 19, 1905 Melvin's first wife, Mary, died in Hornell. Just a week after his wife died, on Feb. 25, 1905, Melvin signed a paper relinquishing any claim to the property in Hornell. He signed his residence as Lawrenceville. The property in Hornell was then transferred jointly to Clarence, Alta, Milo, Archie and Ben.

Melvin bought 101.8 acres in South Creek, PA on Feb. 26, 1907. He bought another 101.8 acres adjacent on April 15, 1907. The county directory for 1907 says Melvin was a dairy farmer, but if he was he must have sold his cattle later, as when he died he only owned one cow. He went from farm to farm in the area with his wagon and picked up their milk. That is how he must have met his last wife, Laura.

On March 2, 1920 he sold 10 acres for $200. He died on March 19, 1920 and the court appointed Ray Congdon, the school principal, and his wife Lynn as guardians. The estate was sold at a public sale and was bought for $560 by Edward and Bertha Conklin; she being Laura's sister. They moved on to the farm and a few years later officially adopted the children.

Census records: (1855, 1860, 1875 & 1880 from Howard, NY)
1855 Thomas Horton 63, Delana Horton 69, Luther Horton 22, Alanson Horton 20, Melvin 9, Margaret 17
1860 Thomas Horton 20, Betsey Horton 48, Luther Horton 27, Alanson Horton 25, Melvin 14
1865 Fremont, NY Melvin 20 (boards with Stephen Sayles)
1875 Melvin 31, Mary 27, Alta 3, Clarence 1
1880 Melvin 35, Mary 30, Alta 7, Clarence 6, Milo 3, Archie 2m
1892 Hornell, NY Mary 43, Alta 20, Clarence 18, Milo 16, Archie 12, Benjamin 9
1900 Tioga, PA Melvin 45 (married 8 yrs.), John D. 6
1910 (Button Hill Rd.) Tioga, PA Homer 15 (living with Eugene Colgrove)
1910 S. Creek, PA Melvin 53 (widowed) {Laura & her parents are 2 houses down}


10th Generation

Jocelia + Arch.

Jocelia & Arch about 1910.

Archie McClean Halsey, son of Melvin Dewitt Halsey & Mary E. Morgan. Born 20 March 1880 in Howard, NY. Died 2 Jun 1956 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Buried in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY.

In 1896 Archie was working as a waiter at the Steuben Sanitarium which was almost across the street from his home. By 1898 he was working at Huguet Silk Co. which was to be his employer for the rest of his carreer. He eventually became a foreman at Huguet. Archie retired in 1938.

He first married Jocelia Eleanor Buell, daughter of Theodore Buell & Mary Melissa Lason, 1 Jan. 1908 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Born 6 Nov. 1878 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. Died 9 Dec 1974 in Geneseo, Livingston Co., NY. Buried in Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., NY. They were divorced.

Halsey kids.

Halsey kids.

They had the following children:

  1. Lucia E. Halsey; Born ca. 1910 in Hornell, NY. She married a Mr. Meekin.
  2. Howard B. Halsey. Born ca. 1913 in Hornell, NY. He married Madeline Ryan, 3 June 1935. They had one daughter, Shirley.
  3. Lawrence Archibald Halsey. Born 28 Feb. 1915 in Hornell, NY.

Archie second married Marie Dillon, 30 May 1930 in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY. Born 27 Apr. 1901 in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY. Buried 2 Aug. 1994 in Rural Cem., Hornell, NY.

Census records: (from Hornell, NY)
1915 Archie 36, Jocelia 37, Lucia 5, Howard 2, Lawrence 2m
1925 Archie 45, Jocelia 46, Lucia 14, Howard B. 12, Lawrence 10


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