Three men named Warren West
Dick Halsey

One of my perplexing genealogy problems for years has been finding the parents of my ancestor, Warren West. Part of the problem was that I found there were three men named Warren West, all of which were born within 5 years of each other. It is very likely that they are distant cousins but no direct connection has been found as of yet. If nothing else, I have been able to sort out the three different men with the same name. Still, the only Warren West that I have not found the parents for is my ancestor.


Warren West #1

A cousin sent some pages from Mayflower Families Through Five Generations (1980). In volume 3, page 302 is a Warren West that was born 30 Apr. 1798 in Woodbury, Vermont to William and Lucy West. There is no further information on Warren but there are some details on his father, William. Early in his life, William lived in Minerva, Essex Co., NY. He later moved to Naples, Ontario Co., NY. In a Revolutionary war pension application from 1821, William (aged 60) states that his family consists of himself, his wife Lucy (aged 54), daughter Hannah (aged 18), son Ebenezer (aged 14) and a grandson Wayne (aged 2). A later document shows that William and family are living in Naples, NY. The reason that William Jr. and Warren are not listed as being in the family is that they have moved out and are on their own. William Jr. died 19 Feb. 1845 in Naples (probate records). In the 1850 census, the widow of William Jr. was still living in Naples. Warren was living in South Bristol, a few miles north of Naples. His age is listed as 52 witha wife name Selby (aged 51), and children; Oliver (22), Hiram (17), Henry (16), and Cinthie (9).
None of the children match known children of my Warren West so this is not my ancestor.


Warren West #2

There is a Warren West that lived most of his life in Batavia, Genesee Co., NY. A newspaper article in a Batavia newspaper in 1891, stated that Warren West came to Batavia from Vermont with his father in a prarie schooner in 1812. He is shown as living in Batavia in every census fom 1820 - 1880. Research done by others shows that Warren married Sarah Richmond in 1821 in Batavia. Children of this Warren and Sarah were:

  1. Reuben, b ca. 1824
  2. Carlos, b ca. 1826
  3. Adaline, b ca. 1826
  4. Mary Alice, b ca. 1835
  5. Sarah, b ca. 1835
  6. Warren Jr., b ca. 1842
  7. Elizabeth, b ca. 1848
Other researchers have stated that this Warren West was born about May 1799 in Strafford, VT to Daniel and Anne West. Daniel West died in October 1815 in Batavia (probate records). According to newspaper articles, Warren West died in Batavia on 23 Apr. 1891.
Again, none of the children match my Warren West so this is not my ancestor.


Warren West #3
This is my ancestor.

Warren West
Born: about 1794
Died: after 1860
Nancy Race, dau. of Thomas Race & Lince Groat.
Born: about 1805, NY
Died: after 1860

  1. Catherine West
    Born: 1828, Oneida Co., NY
    Died: after 1892
    Spouse: Abraham H. Wilklow
  2. Anson T. West (not 100% sure he is a son of my Warren)
  3. Sarah Ann West
    Born: 11 April 1830, Western, Oneida Co., NY
    Died: 27 June 1907, Perry, Wyoming Co. NY
    1. Stephen Kelley; married 1850
    2. Edward Skinner: married 1862
  4. Isaiah W. West
    Born: about 1832, Oneida Co., NY
    Spouse: Anna Allen

Census Records

1830 Western, NY 2m(5-10), 1m(30-39), 3f(under 5), 1f(20-29)
1840 Western, NY 1m(5-10), 1m(30-39), 1f(5-10), 2f(10-15), 1f(30-39)
1850 Perry, NY Warren 56, Nancy 45, Catherine 22, Ann 20, Isaiah 18
1860 Perry, NY Warren 65, Nancy 58, Ann Kelley 28, Emma Kelley 8,
        Ella Kelley 5, Ida Kelley 3, Stephen Kelley 7/12

Family tradition placed Sarah and Catherine as being born in Western, Oneida Co., NY. Sarah's parents and grandparents show up on census records as living in Western, NY as early as 1810. The census record from 1830 suggests there may have been another son and daughter. I haven't found any death record nor probate record for Warren or Nancy West. Tombstone records would be helpful!

Another researcher has suggested that the father of my Warren West is probably John West, that was living in Western, NY in 1800. I have found these census rcords for John:

In the estate of John West is a Will dated July 22, 1834 which is probated Nov. 18, 1834. As heirs, it lists a wife, Polly, with children, John, Calvin, Andrew, Elkanah S. and Anna (wife of Matthew VanWormer). An unreferenced document says that John was married to Harriet Stephens on 26 Jan. 1792 and that they had 4 sons and 6 daughters. There are 4 sons listed in the Will, so John West may or may not be the father of Warren. Any other data on John West would be greatly appreciated.

Another possible father for Warren West may be William West. He is probably the W. West living in Oneida County, NY in 1810 (no town listed). Then in 1820 he is listed as living in Rome, NY. Ages of children are right for having a son the age of Warren, but I can not find any further record of William.

There is also a Levi West is living in Western, NY according to the 1800 census. A record for him may also be the one listed as L. West in the 1810 Oneida Co. census. He does not have children the proper ages to have a son born when Warren West was born.

I am stuck! If you have read this far, than you are at least somewhat interested. I can use any clue that you may have. I have checked census records and Oneida County probate records but I really like to find early church records for a church in or near Western, NY with West family records. Or maybe you have a Bible record? If you have any ideas, please e-mail me at :


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