Scanner found

Back in this post I mentioned that some WalMart stores are getting an addition to their Kodak kiosks of a Rapid Printer Scanner. I went to all the Walmarts in Monroe County and found that just one, the one in Irondequoit, has a scanner.

I took a variety of old photos to be scanned. Some were black and white but the majority were color. The menu on the kiosk doesn’t mention the scanner at first. I had to select the option to write to a CD and then there were options to scan from either the flatbed scanner or the Rapid Print Scanner. I wasn’t offered any choice of picking number of dots per inch but I later found that they were scanned at 300dpi. My pictures were scanned in just a few seconds each. One picture did get jammed and there were directions on the screen of how to release the photo. Did I follow the directions? No; I just gave it a yank back out. One of my old pictures had a crease but that one scanned like it wasn’t even there. I only took 43 pictures with me as a test so the photos were done scanning in no time. Then I was offered the option of rotating the scans, which I had to do on some because I didn’t bother to put them into the scanner in any particular direction. I also could crop and edit my scans. I had some old pictures that had a white border on them and I used the crop to get rid of the border. I had one picture that was very red in color and I edited it to so it looked good on the screen. When I got home I found that I had changed it from red colored to green colored. I think that it because the store has florescent lighting and I was adjusting to that light. I wouldn’t do color adjusting in the store again.

The next step was to write to the CD. I got a standard Kodak Picture CD and also index pages of the pictures. When I got home I found out that the CD was “finalized.” That is, that the CD is permanently closed so that more photos can NOT be added later. There was only 20meg of data on the CD. I figure that depending on the size of the of your old pictures that a Picture CD could easily hold 1000 photo scans.

What I didn’t like was having to take my old cherished photos into the back of the WalMart. It would be nice if the photo department was up front. Even better would be to have a store smaller than WalMart with a kiosk. The WalMart store was busy with many distractions including people making prints off their photo cards and others buying cameras and supplies.

So how much does it cost? It was only $2.50 plus tax. There wasn’t any cost for the scanning. Just the cost of the Picture CD. I think that is bargain!