The Generations Project

Last night I watched another new genealogy program called “The Generations Project.” This was the first episode of a series that follows people through the places and occupations of their ancestors. In this episode, Lumina, goes to Liberty, NY to find out more about her grandmother who was able to juggled a family, restaurant career and politics. Plus she headed to Ellis Island where she looked up her great grandmother on the passenger lists from 1907. Then a visit to the Tenement Museum in New York City showed the conditions that immigrants  had to live in the early 20th century. It was interesting to see someone discover their family history but going to Ellis Island seemed like it was only for show as you can view all the Ellis Island records online at:

The series is on BYUTV. That station is on DishNetwork and DirectTV but not on the cable system in Rochester.  If you can receive the channel then new episodes are being broadcast on Monday nights and also rebroadcast a few other times during the week. So check your listings…

Here is a preview: